2021 International Conference on Mechatronic, Automobile, and Environmental Engineering


【ICMAEE 2021】Shuttle Bus Information (July 23-25‚ 2021‚ Hualian‚Taiwan)

  • 2021-02-25
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Welcome to ICMAEE 2021
Regarding the Shuttle Bus on July 23-24, Please Find the Following:


 Shuttle Bus Information:


         A. July 23,2021 PM 15:30~16:00

             Hualien Station  Dong Hwa University Guest House


         B. July 24,2021 PM 17:15~17:30 

             Dong Hwa University  Banquet Venue


         C. July 24,2021 PM 17:15~17:30 

             Banquet Venue  Dong Hwa University Guest House


       →Please  Register Your  Nuber Of People With This Registration Webpage In Advance

Lot Number Deadline: July 5 ‚ 2021

          If You Have any Question, Please Contact us. We are Looking Forward to Seeing You.
          Yours sincerely, The Organizing Committee of ICAMEE 2021